Help excavating old guides!


Hi all!

This is a list of links Ciderhelm posted in the WoW forums back during Vanilla. The links are all broken now, but I would love to excavate these guides to post here for reference during Classic. If anyone has time or ability to find these using the Wayback Machine or by finding somewhere they were reposted that’s still up – please post here with your findings so we can get them added.


General Play Guides

Of Steel – New & Leveling Warriors:

WoW Warrior Macros:

Full DW Fury Guide/FAQ:

Dreasus’ Guide for PVP Warriors:

Arena Guide for Warriors:

Endgame Tanking Guides

Satrina’s Evil Empire Guide:

Fortifications (3rd Edition Warrior Reference Guide):

Lavina’s Threat & Warrior Tanking Guide:

Gear Guides

Berginyon’s Tank Gear Rankings:

Polarbeard’s Easy Pre-Karazhan Tank Gear Guide:

Exc’s Warrior Guide to Karazhan Gear:

Theesa’s DW Fury Gear List:

Shakti’s Update to Theesa’s DW Fury Gear List:

Comprehensive Guide to Warrior Gear:


Effective Health Theory:

Exceptions to the Stamina Warrior:

Life After 490 Defense:

Wanderlei’s On Avoidance:

Teragon’s DPS Analysis:

Clyde’s Talent Selection for Tanks – a Modular Approach:

Crimsonstorm’s Tanking Talent Guide:

Armstrong’s Devastate FAQ:

Devastate (Pre-TBC Math):

Faymiony’s Crushing vs. Crits, Block Rating vs. Value:

Kudagaxehand’s 100% Avoidance Post:

Hit Rating Theorycraft:

Kazeyonoma’s Heroic Mechanaar Guide: