Random screenshots from Rag / Onyxia / BWL


I was going through my old Vanilla / BC / Wrath guild’s website uploads and found some pictures that really took me back. I was in a casual raiding guild called Tenebrae Cor on Alleria (the same server Risen – one of the top Alliance raiding guilds in the US – was on). We were pretty far behind the curve, but when we finally got Ragnaros down, there were definitely some nerd screams to be had! I found the screenshot of that first kill:

I also ran across some really old strategy pics. I forget if we pulled this from a strat site from back in the day or if our raid leader made it, but interesting all the same!

Here’s a screenshot I found showcasing one of our healer’s UIs. You can see the basic UI there along with some addons. I always find pics like this from back in the day interesting.

Back in the day, videos and other information weren’t as readily available. I have distinct memories of our raid leader tagging along in another guild’s BWL clear to get experience on some of the fights and learn the strategies. Here are some screenshots he took of their main tank frames which I believe was for reference to know roughly how much health a tank needed to survive Broodlord (although, it’s possible that guild was already progressing through AQ40 at the time):


I know right now, most strategies on private servers for Razorgore involve simply killing the adds as they spawn, but another common strategy if your raid didn’t have the DPS for that (and mine certainly didn’t when we started!) was for warriors to kite the trash around the room. I ran across an image depicting this strategy that we had pulled from a strat site:

And of course the screenshot from our first Razorgore kill:

I hope you enjoyed that walk down memory lane! Looking forward to seeing posts from others about memories they have from Vanilla.